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Welcome to Business & Plans, your ultimate business planning resource provider. Our mission is to help you create a strong business plan for your project, fast and easy.

Whether you are launching a new startup, building a new department at your existing company, starting an NGO, looking to analyze a business idea or maybe seeking to impress investors with a new business proposal, we’ve got you covered. 

Start by educating yourself on the process of business planning by reading our how to guides or download our free templates and resources to begin writing your business plan.

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Premium Business Plan Templates in Word

Business And Plans offers a library of pre-written premium business plan templates in Word covering a wide variety of sectors. Each section includes a professionally written text that you can easily customize to make your business plan unique.

Automatic Financial Models in Excel

Our Premium Business Plans come with a full-fledged pro-forma financial model in Excel that you can easily customize for your own business. No accounting or financial knowledge required. Just follow simple instructions and generate customized financial statements and charts with a few clicks.

How to Write a Business Plan

Business And Plans offers a large collection of articles, guides, templates and samples to help you write a powerful business plan. You can download our free business plan template and start right away or keep reading to educate yourself about the business planning process.

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