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Ready-Made Business Plan Templates in Excel and Word

We offer a wide range of pre-written business plans tailored to various types of businesses. Our premium Word business plan templates come with fully customizable Excel financials. Pick your industry now.

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Download a Ready-Made Business Plan Template in Word Format with Customizable Pro-forma Financials in Excel

You don’t need to break your wallet or spend weeks and months to create a professional business plan anymore. Thanks to Business & Plans, you are now able to download a pre-written business plan template specific to your sector or type of business. The fully editable ready-made business plan sample in Word also comes with a customizable Excel financial plan that you can easily tailor to your particular business. Don’t waste your time and money on long-term expensive business planning software subscriptions, purchase your affordable premium business plan template with customized financials today and complete it within a few hours only. Even better, you get to keep the business plan template for life which means you can use it as many times as needed in the future. Check below our selection of ready-made business plan samples.

Our Word Business Plan Templates Include All You Need to Make a Strong Business Case

Our ready-made Word business plan templates and samples include a full, pre-written text tailored to your particular sector of interest. The main sections of our business plan template comprise an Executive Summary, The Problem Opportunity, your Mission & Vision, your Business Model, a description of your Products & Services, a Market Analysis, your Marketing Plan, your Operating Plan, your Hiring Plan, Key Milestones and a detailed Financial Plan.

Our Business Plan Template Includes a Fully Editable Financial Plan in Excel

It is very important to develop a full fledged financial plan for your new business idea. Actually, a detailed and robust financial plan is an integral part of your startup business plan and to save you time and money, we have included a customizable Excel financial model with all our business plan templates. You don’t need to have any accounting or financial expertise to be able to use our financial models. Just edit a few inputs and the model automatically generates key financial statements including Profit & Loss, Cash Flows and Balance Sheet tables which you can easily paste in the business plan, hassle-free.

Our Business Plan Template Is The Most Cost-Effective Solution for Business Planning

Our pre-written business plan templates with financials are the most cost-effective solution for all your business planning needs. Whether you are preparing a business plan to pitch your project to prospective investors or in case you are developing a business plan to simply understand the potential of your next startup idea, our solution will not break the bank. Actually, we are confident you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you choose to purchase one of our ready made business plans compared to other solutions on the market. Moreover, you will also save tons of time and effort since we have already done most of the job for you.

The Benefits of our Excel Business Plan Templates with Pre-written Text in Word

Our ready-made business plan templates in Word and Excel offer several benefits for entrepreneurs and business owners:

Time Efficiency

  • Our business plan and financials templates provide a structured framework, saving you time and effort in creating a business plan from scratch.
  • Pre-formatted sections and tables help streamline the process, allowing you to focus on content rather than formatting.

Guidance and Structure

  • Our ready-made templates include guidelines and prompts for each section, ensuring that you cover essential elements of your business plan.
  • They follow a standard structure, helping you organize your thoughts and present information in a logical order.

Professional Appearance

  • Our off the shelf business plan templates come with built-in designs and formatting, giving your business plan a polished and professional look.
  • Consistent formatting throughout the document enhances readability and makes a positive impression on potential investors or stakeholders.

Customization Options

  • While our business plan samples provide a basic structure, they are usually customizable to suit your specific business needs.
  • You can modify sections, add or remove content, and adjust formatting to align with your business goals and industry requirements.

Financials Templates in Excel

  • Our Excel financials include financial models and projections, making it easier for you to create a comprehensive financial plan.
  • Built-in formulas and functions help with calculations, ensuring accuracy in financial forecasts.

Accessibility and Familiarity

  • Word and Excel are widely used software applications, and many people are familiar with their interfaces.
  • Using these formats makes it easier for collaborators, investors, or lenders to review and provide feedback on your business plan.


  • Our ready-made business plan templates are cost-effective providing a budget-friendly option for individuals or small businesses with limited resources.
  • Save tons of time and money by leveraging a pre-written business plan and focus on your core idea and project. 

Other Benefits

  • Our templates can serve as educational tools, helping users understand the key components of a business plan and the information required for strategic planning.
  • Standardized templates ensure consistency across different versions of your business plan, facilitating updates and revisions over time.
  • Business plan templates can be valuable for individuals who may not have extensive business planning experience, providing a structured guide that simplifies the process.