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While a significant number of individuals seek easy business ideas to start their own venture, many think that only people with money, a unique skill-set, and lots of luck can launch a successful business — right?


Of course, all these things help, but you don’t always need fancy degrees and deep pockets to become a successful entrepreneur. There are many easy business ideas that can be launched with little money and no college degree. We are not necessarily referring to the next Amazon, Microsoft, or Google here, but simply business ideas and SMEs with a real potential to succeed.

And the best part…

You get to become your own boss.

Shared in this article are 20 exciting and easy-to-start and businesses, spanning a wide range of industries and having low funding needs in general.  Here we go!

Easy Business Ideas You Can Launch Today

1. Career Coaching Services

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global economy is heading toward the worst downturn since the Great Depression. Given this grim scenario, it’s no surprise that the unemployment rate is steeply climbing up.

With the unemployment rate being higher than in the past many years, there is no shortage of people who would want some advice regarding future employment and work opportunities —and this is where you can make a difference and take advantage of this easy business idea. You can provide coaching tips for all the people who wish to know what to do after they lost their job, how to apply to a new company, how to switch industries or even how to start their own gig.

With the power of the internet, you run these coaching webinars online from the comfort of your home and you can launch physical events too once the fear surrounding Covid-19 subsides and getting out becomes safer. The key here is to advertise these events regularly. Rope in a known speaker, and you may well find people queuing up to participate in these events.

Fees: Offer your first session for free to build some awareness and then charge a participation fee for future events. You can also sell personalized coaching packages at a discounted rate.

Tools Requirement: Computer and conferencing software.

Tip: The Covid-19 crisis has propelled the online webinar industry forward and it is now commonplace to run coaching events and trainings remotely.

Hidden costs: Almost none, you can launch and run this business from your home.

2. Online Dating Consultancy

If you have got a knack for the “love match”, you will be surprised to find how many people would be willing to pay you for your life-changing services. Dating consultants bill their clients for their time, and the best ones in the business make big bucks.

So what is exactly that online dating consultants do?

They help people create attractive dating profiles on online dating platforms and provide a level of personalization that Tinder simply can’t match.

In this day and age, many people are extremely busy with their professional lives and they don’t have time to search and find a suitable date, or they simply don’t have a clue when it comes to dealing with their love life. A large number of men and women need your dating expertise to help them find their soul mate. Offering a personalized dating advice service is a relatively easy business idea that can prove to be a real business opportunity.

Fees: Charge by the hour.

Tools Requirement: Computer, basic software and phone.

Tip: Give discount to your first few customers and don’t forget to put up testimonials on your website to show potential customers that you know your stuff.

Hidden Costs: Setting up a professional website.

3. Resume Writing Services

Resume writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is tough and time-consuming. Since a good resume can often be the difference between getting invited for an interview or getting rejected, many people choose to hire a professional resume writer.

As a resume writer, your job will be to create tailored resumes, customized cover letters, and attractive portfolios that employers simply cannot ignore. Here are additional things you need to know about this easy business idea:

Fees: Charge by the hour or charge per gig.

Tools Requirement: Computer and superior writing skills.

Tip: You may want to leverage social media channels or freelancing marketplaces to attract new clients. Hidden Cost: Setting up a professional website.

4. Web Development Services

Is building websites your specialty? If yes, you are in luck. There’s a high demand for quality web development.

While web development services is not for everyone, it is still a relatively easy business idea to implement. The keyword here is quality. You will find mediocre web developers ten a penny, so another one will not create much ripple (if any at all).

Another important factor is specialization. Are you specialized in WordPress blogs? Magento e-commerce stores? Customized websites built in PHP? It is a good idea to pick one or two web technologies and become an expert in them.

Simply put, if you are good at what you do, small businesses to big companies may soon be vying for your web expertise.

Fees: Charge by the hour or charge per project.

Tools Requirement: Computer, certain software.

Tip: Make sure you don’t inundate your clients with technical jargons. They are not likely to know much about the nitty-gritty of web development. Therefore, describe what you do and how you do it in a non-technical, easy-to-follow language.

Hidden Cost: You might need to hire other web developers to help you on big projects.

5. Internet Research Services

You are surfing the internet daily. So why not get paid for something you are already doing? Many businesses and consultants need some sort of research done to help them with their reports, business plans, presentations and other business-related requirements. They often lack the time or the resources to conduct these internet researches, sort the data and make it easily digestible. This is where you step in.

Fees: $20-$30 per hour to start. Raise your hourly rate once you establish a good reputation.

Tools Requirement: Computer and internet connection.

Tip: Market yourself on social media platforms and join online freelancing platforms.

Hidden Costs: You might need to buy some industry reports but this will be covered by your selling price.

6. Virtual Assistant Services

Do you have strong time-management and organizational skills? You can make good money doing things like maintaining databases, coordinating travel arrangements, sorting customer communication, and more.

Fees: Charge on a project basis or by hour ($15-$30 per hour)

Tools Requirement: Computer, office software, fax/scanner/printer, phone and high-speed internet.

Tip: Plan your schedule neatly and inform the client about it in the beginning. Also, carefully record the billing time. You may want to use a time-tracker software for better transparency, just in case the client questions your productivity or how you are spending your work time. Hidden Cost: You might need to hire extra virtual assistants once you reach your maximum capacity.

7. Content Writing Services

Are you a great storyteller, someone who has the knack of connecting with readers?

There’s some good news for you. A lot of people out there are willing to pay you for your writing skills. Write website copy, magazine articles, and blog posts and become your own boss.

Fees: Charge on a project basis or by hour

Tools Requirement: Computer, office software, high-speed internet.

Tip: Ensure you have an impressive body of work to show to potential clients. If you have no published content, write some interesting blogs and post them on reputable guest blog sites. This will help you showcase your writing abilities to potential clients and win new business. Hidden Costs: You might need to hire extra content writers once you reach your maximum capacity.

8. Translation Services

Do you speak one or more foreign languages? How about starting your own translation service? If you have specialty in a specific genre, such as financial translation or medical translation, so much the better! Set up yourself as an expert in a niche and make a decent amount of money.

Fees: Charge on a project basis or by hour

Tools Requirement: Computer, office software, high-speed internet

Tip: Think about leveraging social media and online freelancing platforms.

Hidden Costs: You might need to hire extra translators once you reach your maximum capacity or in case you want to cover other languages.

9. Gift Packaging Services

Gift packaging services are needed in many instances. Build your client base by pinpointing retail stores, church groups, hospitals, and extended care facilities.

Fees: $30-$70 per basket.

Tools Requirement: Decorative baskets, shrink wrap machine, boxes, ribbons, and more. You may want to get the supplies from a private craft supplier who only does businesses with vendors.

Tip: Do you have a vehicle that you can use for delivery? Include a delivery fee in your final bill and generate some additional revenue.

Hidden Costs: You might need to hire additional manpower for large orders. You might need to invest in one or more vehicles in case you want to also provide the delivery.

10. Headhunting Services

Experienced headhunters are in high demand—and it’s hard not to guess why. They link top employees with top employers to fill specialized positions, paving way for more success at work.

So how do headhunters work?

They usually maintain a database of top executives and star employees in a certain industry such as banking, technology or healthcare. They also build strong relationships with HR departments at big corporations and stay up to date with their most pressing hiring needs. Once they successfully fill a key position, they charge a success fee.

Fees: Around 30% of the annual salary offered to the new hire.

Tools Requirement: Computer, fax/printer, office software, phone and high-speed internet.

Tip: Establish yourself as a strong headhunter by creating a professional website and building a wide network of contacts in your selected industry

Hidden Costs: Setting up a great website

11. Medical Transcription Services

Did you know this is a billion-dollar industry? And the best part… it is still growing.

Transcribed copies of notes pertaining to procedures and examinations give physicians and doctors a quick, efficient way of reviewing patient histories. The main customers are private-practice doctors and clinics.

Fees: $12 – $25 a hour, depending on how difficult it is to understand the speaker.

Tools Requirement: Computer, reference books and transcribing unit, special medical word-processing programs.

Tips: This is one business where turnaround time is mighty important. This may mean working on weekends. Also, remember accuracy is critical. A simple typo error can have a devastating effect.

Hidden Costs: You might need to hire extra transcriptionists to serve your workload.

12. Mobile Paper-Shredding Service

The number of identity theft cases is rising every year. Precisely for this reason, it is necessary for a business to shred documents that have sensitive information. Save businesses time and effort by showing up at their premises with your paper shredding machines to perform this tedious but very important task.

Fees: $40 to $90 a visit.

Tools Requirement: Heavy-duty paper shredders, a van, and plastic bags.

Tip: Set up a website for scheduling online appointments.

Hidden Costs: You might need to invest in additional vans and manpower to serve the growing business.

13. Pet Taxi Service

Do you love pets? Why not help out dual-career families who don’t have the time to take their dog or cat to a vet? This is a specialized taxi service that caters to people who own pets and have higher-than-national-average incomes.

Fees: Depends on various factors, such as distance traveled (Usually, $80 for a two-way transportation)

Tools Requirement: A large vehicle that can accommodate multiple pets simultaneously and travel cages.

Tip: Have an engaging social media presence to build awareness and acquire new clients.

Hidden Cost: You might need to purchase additional vehicles and hire extra staff to serve the growing business.

14. Ecommerce Store

If you collect, curate, or create anything special, you should consider turning your favorite pastime into a paid job. In other words, launch a full-fledged e-commerce business.

Whether you want a platform to sell block art that you make or an excuse for searching the exotic pottery vases you like to hunt down, starting your own e-commerce store can allow you to pursue what you love doing most and earn some serious money at the same time.

You can adopt a private label model, a drop shipping model or manufacture your own products and sell them directly to the end-consumer. Each model has its pros and cons.

Fee: Depends on your chosen e-commerce model.

Tools Requirement: An e-commerce website, certain software.

Tips: If you can make local deliveries yourself, you can earn a little extra. Marketing your e-commerce store is a crucial pre-requisite to success.

Hidden Costs: You will have to spend money on advertising your e-shop, hiring some staff to help you manage the business and paying the recurrent hosting and maintenance of your website.

15. Nanny Services

This is another viable business idea, especially in big cities where most families have two working adults. Earn money by placing nannies with families that contact you.

Fees: $8-$15 per hour for one child (weekly rate – $275; monthly rate – $800).

Tools Requirement: Office set-up, website.

Tip: Target upmarket areas popular with dual-income couples.

Hidden Costs: Workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

16. Image Consultancy

Image consultants work with individuals and help them enhance their appearances, their looks and improve their body language and communication skills.

You can choose to specialize in one segment such as clothing or social interactions.

Fees: Vary depends on your experience and target customers

Tools Requirement: Professional website, basic software

Tip: Become an expert in a particular niche and narrow your focus

Hidden Costs: Marketing might be tricky in the beginning hence you will need to pay for advertising before you build some reputation.

17. Temporary Employment Service

Match people with a temporary employment requirement with right assignments and make money.

Fees: Differs from one position to another.

Tools Requirement: Several computers, printers, Wi-Fi

Tip: Cater to one of few specific market niches, such as engineering, healthcare, or communications to build a brand name in specific areas, and you will have a steady supply of clients.

Hidden Costs: You might need to build a professional website to capture leads as these industries are all moving online.

18. Messenger or Last-Mile Delivery Service

Not every company wants to use a large company, such as FedEx or DHL, for a local delivery. Offer businesses a cost-effective way to send and receive documents and important packages.  

Fees: $20-$45 for every delivery.

Tools Requirement: Several delivery vehicles, professional website.

Tip: Charge extra for speedier deliveries.

Hidden Costs: You need to hire drivers. You need to invest in additional vehicles and drivers as the business grows.

19. Mobile App Development Service

If you are a techie and know a thing or two about app development, earn handsome money by creating high performing, feature-packed, digitally transformative native apps for Android and iOS devices.

Fees: Varies from one project to another

Tools Requirement: Technical knowledge, software.

Tip: Offer a discounted rate to your first few clients. Once you have an impressive portfolio, increase your rate as per the demand.

Hidden Costs: You might need to hire additional mobile app developers to cater for the growing workload.

20. Travel Planning Services

Do you have a knack for planning perfect holidays complete with great locations, beautiful hotels, and exotic restaurants for your friends? Well, why not let others benefit from your talent and get paid at the same time?

While travel agents might be falling out of favor, people nevertheless still need those who excel at non-traditional travel coordination.

Fees: Varies from one project to another.

Tool Requirements: A professional website, computer, phone and internet.

Tip: Don’t forget to add testimonials of previous customers to your site to show potential clients what level of services they can expect from you.

Hidden Costs: Besides word of mouth, you might need to invest in marketing to get clients.